I hope this post will not be taken as a judgment. I am writing this not from pride – but from fear and trembling. In fact I’m not sure of having any confidence in this post – at all. But here it is anyway. I’m taking a giant leap, knowing that some of you will take offense. I just pray that this is a word from God I’ve been given, and that I’m not presently being  influenced by a demon.

* * *

I was inspired to write this, from reading this very good post:  It’s called “SMITTEN

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I want to talk about this… to those who think they’re Christian…. and to those who mistrust Christians. I would ask that you pay special attention to these words Jesus spoke.

Beware of …[those]…  who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits…… Matthew 7:15-16

* * *

I would ask you to be watchful when reading these quotes from Jesus. He said the wolves would be wearing Sheep’s Clothing.  In other words, they would be coming looking like the real deal. They would be coming looking like real Christians. They would be coming looking like the sheep of Jesus . They are not Christian. They are wolves!! I would ask that you try to separate these into two groups. Those who are led by their shepherd Jesus – and those who are actually wolves, following their own blood-thirsty noses.

Jesus said…

“You will know them by their fruits”.

Anyone who claims they are a sheep of Jesus, but are doing heinous acts against humanity – Are Wolves wearing clothing so as to appear like one of Jesus’ own sheep.

* * *

“But none of us is perfect.” You might be whining right now.

“We are all human and fail at being perfect in our Christian walks.”

“Where do you draw-the-line between =acceptable= and -unacceptable= sin?”

* * *

This is a very good whine. But what I’m talking about here are four specific crimes against our fellow human beings that hurt terribly, and push skeptics of Christians that much farther away.

1]   ANYONE who molests/rapes/kills defenseless children; weaker humans; or anyone.

2]  ANYONE who abuses children or others. Whether physically, verbally, or emotionally.

3]  ANYONE who gossips  Defames another’s character, behind their backs. I’m not talking about situations where someone is given information from another, that they are not able to bear alone, or are in a quandary about how to handle. There is a way to deal with this sort of thing. It’s called =anonymity= talking about the difficulty while taking extreme care not to reveal the identity of the person talked about. This is not gossip, and it can be done. I’ve had to do this myself, on several occasions.

4]   ANYONE who judges others without mercy. Those who are not keeping themselves busy watching their own hearts.

* * *

“But aren’t you judging others right now?” You might be pronouncing.

I do not believe I am actually judging at the moment – but observing – with trembling.

Because I fear for the skeptics who might be willing to come forward into belief, but are being pushed away from it because of these wolves who are claiming to be Christians. And I fear for those who believe they are Christians already but who somehow find justification in doing these horrible things.

I want to talk to you who are skeptic.

I would ask of you; please look at the fruit of those who claim Christ as their shepherd. I ask that before you judge someone who claims to be a representative of Christ, to please include some gleaning to your observations as you yourself watch these so-called “Christians”. Tease out these non-Christians from those who are the real deal. These, who claim themselves to be Christians, but who do the horrible acts I have specifically talked about  – are wolves – not Jesus’ sheep. Jesus is not their shepherd. If they were real sheep of Jesus, they would be following their Jesus-shepherd – following in His love-walk – and He would never lead them into such black places where wolves will go.

I want to talk to you who do any of these things but believe you are Christian.

If you do not realize this is not the way of the shepherd Jesus, look deep into your souls. Whether you realize it or not, you are being led by satanic demons. The Bible says to confess – and you will be healed. Bring out before other Christians, these wolf-deeds you do in blackness. Bring out these wolf-works to the light of day. You can be led out of the blackness, but you will need other real Christians [who do not practice any of these things themselves] to help you find your way. This will be terrifying. But you must do it, or continue to run with the wolves.


**Peace & All Feloreaw  to our Great & Mighty God**