I have a mental illness. I have bipolar disorder. I am very responsible regarding taking the prescribed medication to help my brain function properly.

If someone has an organ that’s not functioning properly; like the stomach, pancreases, liver, heart, etc, there seems to be no shame in this – at all, is there?

Well, the brain is an organ too. Is it not? So why are so many people hung up around shame for this organ not functioning properly? They run from their problem with this organ as if it were bubonic plague. I don’t get it.

Other people freak out with shame. But I have NO SHAME for having a physiological problem with this particular organ. I hope that this message will get out to the general public so that more people can understand that this is all that’s going on regarding this issue. And I hope that those who have an organ problem of this nature will be able to come forward, without shame, so as to get help they need for it to function properly.

If one is being responsible for getting diagnosed and taking the doctor-prescribed medications – as prescribed – then there is no shame.

Because no shame is required.


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NOTE:  Please share this with as many people as possible. We need to send a message to the world regarding this issue about mental illness.