Until today, my faith has been really lacking regarding God’s super-natural happenings. I am definitely a doubting Thomas. Because I wasn’t a witness to them my logical brain could not honestly believe they occurred.  Jesus performing all those miracles; dieing in order to save us; providing a Spirit to live in us.

Just recently He helped me out with this problem.

I put out a good wheat bread soaked in water for the wild finches every day.

The finches have no idea where or how the bread comes from.  If I tried to explain to them the what, why and how of it, they could never understand it… not even the language I was speaking.

If I even tried to get near them, to explain it, they’d be frightened to death of me. They’d think I wanted to kill them.

But killing, or even hurting them, was never my intention. I put out the bread because I love them and I love to see them feasting on it – receiving sustenance.

The story is told that God put out manna to feed the Israelites. The thing is… there’s no difference between how God is with us, and how I am with my beautiful, precious birds. If I can put out this ‘manna’ for the finches who’s to say He couldn’t do this too?

Who’s to say He couldn’t feed 5,000 with a little bread and fish; walk on water; heal all kinds of sickness instantly; convey His wisdom to us transcendently; and especially… rise from the dead.

To us this is impossible, and it is… for us. But maybe God has the ability to operate under a completely different set of parameters, just as humans operate under a different set of parameters than finches do.

Though I don’t understand the things God does, while watching my finches, who don’t understand how I work, I am beginning to believe in His abilities anyway, which is to say, I can gaining in faith.

Seeing this… really seeing it… how it is for me with my finches… has increased and deepened my faith on an enormous scale.

Because this makes totally logical sense to me… as a doubting Thomas.

So I will pick up God’s manna, in faith that God does things I could never understand.

Because as long as I am in this body, I am the same as the finches…

I have a finch-brain.

And so God came down as a finch.

Still don’t believe? Still no faith? Put out some bread for the birds….and watch.

I think you’ll begin to see what I mean.

*  *  *

Peace & Feloreaw to our Father