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I had to laugh. The little boy I watch after school struggled with his manners as we went outside to play whiffle ball. He said with authority, “I’m batting.”

I could tell he was beginning to look at us as equals, so I said, “Could I please bat first.” It wasn’t a question. It was a statement to model how he should have asked.

He replied, “No, you can’t I’m batting first.”

Softly I returned, “I’m not asking to bat, I’m telling you how you should ask me.”

wiffle ball

Jesus had an appointment with a woman in Samaria. He arranged it so no one would be around when they were to meet. When she arrived Jesus started the meeting by telling her what to ask.

“Give me a drink.”

Like my little charge, she misinterpreted His comment, thinking He is asking for Himself.

“No,” Jesus responds, “If you knew the gift…

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