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He bends down

Nearly all of the world’s religions, past and present, believe in some version of an afterlife. Buddhism is an exception, but some view Buddhism as a psychology rather than a religion. Given the prevalence of an afterlife in the teachings of most religions, it would be reasonable to conclude, in the least, that the thought of annihilation at the time of death is utterly intolerable for most people. Annihilation at death introduces serious problems for both the philosopher and the common person attempting to establish a meaning or purpose for life.

Considering that Christianity, Islam, and Judaism claim billions of followers worldwide, religion seems to be a preferred method for dealing with the reality of death. Many people choose to practice hedonism, wherein the adherent maximizes their own pleasure in the present, a practice intended to cover over the certainty of impending doom. Depression is another common response. Published epidemiological studies…

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