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I have to confess… I have a terrible time reading the Bible, and it’s because of coming against verses like this one. This is one of those verses that make the Bible so difficult for me to deal with …

Mark 11:26

26 But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your trespasses.”

I have believed in in my Father’s Grace my whole Christian walk. That’s because I am soooo messed up. When I was growing up I lived under very strict ‘Law’ in which I always failed… and got severely beaten for every infraction of it. But now I live in the tender and loving arms of God who has, it seems for me anyways, only loving words spoken to me through the Holy Spirit. It has been this way for 31 years.

…. Grace ….

But then I come to a verse like this one… and it frightens me. It makes me want to put the Bible down again. I want to run from it.

So I’m asking anyone, any Christian, in view of the Grace our Father showers on us, to help me with this verse… to help me with my fear.


Thank you,

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robin claire

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