I just LOVE this guy!!! He’s one of my faves.

He bends down

One of the men in my small group planned an outdoor celebration for a large number of people last weekend. In anticipation of the event, he had asked the rest of us in the group for prayer, particularly since the forecast called for a very good chance of rain. Later, he told us in an email:

God is good; the rain held off and the temps were good for our party last Saturday.” Indeed, God is good. And He is both honored by our prayers and by the thanks that we offer Him. It is good for us, as well, to be thankful rather than take God’s goodness for granted.

There is nothing particularly unique about this scenario. We often pray in circumstances that are beyond our control, asking that events go a certain way. That “certain way” usually has obvious and reasonable benefits for those involved. Who prays…

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