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I’ve listened to many Atheists say that our God is a meany because He allows us to experience pain while we’re living on this planet.

I hope this doesn’t sound too high-handed. This is only what I believe. And I believe it enough to live my life with this ultimate view in mind.

Before I go further I need to say that, without a spiritual connection, all this – is meaningless.

* * *

We are spirit beings having a human experience. Before our ‘visit’ here as temporarily sheathed earthen beings, we were made entirely of spirit-energy which lives on eternally. However, as these eternal spirit-beings, we are missing some essential knowledge and understanding about many aspects of the universe that our Father knows is necessary for His eternal children’s growth. He knows that, only through the experience of living a temporary earthen life, can this knowledge and understanding be instilled in us deeply enough to bring change in our spirit-natures.

I believe that we are here to learn some extremely valuable lessons that we could never learn in any other way.

As spirit-beings, we do not experience the altered state called ‘pain’. This altered state is necessary to drive knowledge and understanding deeply into the psyche of our spirit-selves. It serves to open cracks in ourselves so that the light of knowledge and understanding can more deeply penetrate.

I also have come to an understanding that pain does not necessarily mean discomfort. The ‘pain’ does not bring the discomfort, but the stress of fighting against it is where the actual discomfort lies. I have experienced great, great ‘pain’ in my life and, through being in this altered state, it is my belief that many understandings have been instilled deep into my beingness.

I try my utmost not to fight [stress over] pain, but look for the lesson inside it, instead. I believe that the stress comes from fighting what is happening to me or around me. If I can not change it, I do my utmost to accept it – exactly the way it is. I do this by breathing, and reaching out to Father God for wisdom, instead of tensing up inside.

I believe that some of our earthen beings live very short lives and then ‘die’ back to eternity. I believe that, either they had only a small amount of understanding to be learned while going through this journey, or that they allow themselves to play roles in fellow spirit-beings learnings. These more advanced beings are willing to expend themselves in the course of helping their fellow beings growth process.

Bottom line? We come here with surface knowledge, but leave here with understanding – to the core.

Among many other posts I’ve written regarding lessons I’ve stumbled across, I have written a post called: Opposites that I feel basically covers a few of these lessons.

I do not know any of this to be a fact. This is only what I believe.

* * *


**Peace & All Feloreaw  to our Great & Mighty God**

Robin Illustration

Robin Claire


I hope I have communicated well enough what I understand about this. If there are parts missing, or parts that don’t make sense, please ask Him about this. I know He will fill in any gaps in understanding – in mine or in yours. What do you think?  I’m open to any input about what has been revealed to you in this

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