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I have been a Christian since I was 10 years old (22 years now) and the realness of Jesus Christ was in me since that first day.  Even though I grew up in a small conservative Baptist church I was never impacted by the legalistic teaching.  I recall as a teenager alone in my room raising my hands to praise God, even though I had never been taught that or really seen it.  And the Holy Spirit revealed things to me since I was young.  I always trusted in the Lord to be for my best.  But I was never taught that.

But I did go through a time of rebelling when I turned 18 and in fact moved away from church life.   I lived the life of the world and had to live through consequences of not living with Jesus as the center of my life.  My wife (girlfriend at the time) became pregnant when we were both 19.  We got married in June of 1998 and our first daughter was born in August of that same year. I rededicated my life to the Lord that year and lead my wife to Christ that same year. But through all of this all we knew was a mixed covenant Christianity.  So that led to a life of not always involving God in every area of our lives. In August 2000 our daughter passed away in a tragic household accident right before her 2nd birthday. We ran back to God knowing that He was only for our good.  And as always He came in and helped us get over this tragic time.  My parents started attending a life giving church that fall and we started attending with them.  God started taking us through an awesome time in our lives.  We learned how to renew our minds with the Word of God and how to walk in prosperity and God’s best for us.  Through the power of Jesus the scars of the tragedy that we had been through were removed and God started showing us His will for us.

We started seeing God’s blessings become real in our lives.  I went back to college and learned to study in the spirit and my mind became unbelievably sharp. I graduated with a 96% average and was hired by the 2nd largest IT company in the world. And I started to advance quickly in the company. As the years went by we got more involved volunteering in the church and continued to see God prosper us. From financial increases to purchasing the vehicle we wanted for less to purchasing our first house for $40,000 less the asking price during a sellers market in 2007.

Throughout all of this I knew that God had called us to do something great for His cause.  There was something more then the life we were living.  When I was 26 years old  God told me that he wanted to have His truth spread, but spread to His church. That there were to many churches teaching a false Gospel.  He gave me a passion for the church.  But I still doubted it, the typical questions of how, when and why. And also doubted whether it was really me he was calling and if I was capable. I didn’t pursue it further and did not focus on it, so we continued to live our life and God continued to bless us.  When there were job cuts in my company I would get a promotion.  I have had the opportunity to travel to India four times and every time it was a blessing and a time to focus on God and His goodness.

My last trip to India was in June 2010 and as always my Mom gave me a book to read for the long flight.  For this trip the book was titled “Unmerited Favor” by Joseph Prince.  And God’s plan for our lives started to ignite. At the time I was heavily involved at work, working very long hours (1,600 extra hours that year) and sought after by all for direction and advice and “succeeding” at my career.  That year I brought in a 6 figure salary.  In August of 2010 we started to watch Pastor Prince’s messages on television. And the Gospel of Grace become our lives, God was showing us His truth and my spirit became alive.  In September 2010 my wife gave birth to our 3rd daughter (Eden Charis) through a supernatural birth.  This was the 2nd supernatural childbirth for my wife, the first in 2008 (Lilah Gabriele).  A no drug, no pain childbirth and exactly what my wife believed for.  My wife walked without any pain until the last minute.  We had to tell the medical staff not to go by what they saw but that she was really in labor.  They did not believe that she was in labor as they expected to see pain.  Our daughter was born so quickly that there wasn’t enough time for a doctor to be present.  This was 100% the power of our God manifesting itself through his grace and our believing in His unmerited favor.  There were some complications after the birth but we stood firm on His promises and we even saw bleeding and blood clots stop and disappear in front of our very eyes.  And all of this allowed us to minister to the nurses and show them the power of our God.  We now have two daughters as proof of His double blessing (Zechariah 9:12) for what the enemy has stolen.

God continued to show us His truth and plan as we continued to focus, study and listen to Pastor Prince’s teaching and read his other book (Destined to Reign).  Grace had arrived in our house.  We started to watch multiple sermons per day and our lives were transformed. God was revealing truths to me daily, and every revelation was then confirmed by messages that I would watch Pastor Prince deliver and God would lead me through His Word to confirm His truth.  I was such a different person that I could see the anticipation on my wife’s face expecting what God had revealed to me that day.  My parents would come over every other day to hear me explain how I understood grace and how God was revealing truths to me.

Then in October 2010 God reminded me that He had called me to spread the truth to His church.  And He said that the Gospel of Grace is the truth that needs to reach the ends of the earth. I shared this with my wife and I remember that one evening I didn’t sleep all night as the Holy Spirit in me sang praise and worship songs to God all night long.  Little did I know that He was doing the exact same thing in my wife laying right beside me.  When we woke up we shared this with each other.  And God continued to reveal truths to me daily.  And I remember very clearly when he told me that the first step I had to take was to quit my job. Now you have to understand that my wife is a stay at home wife and we live a very good life on my income. But our faith and hope are in God.  So I started the process of resigning from my job, but I added something that God never asked me to add.  I told them that I wanted to quit but I needed them to give me a severance package.  Of course that opened the door for the enemy to start his full force attack on my life to stop me from following God’s calling for my life. My work said no to me leaving, I was one of their top performers and there was no way they were letting me go.  They said I was just overworked and under stress and they sent me to counselling and I agreed.  Through this the enemy started his attack on my mind.  I then went through the worst 10 months of my life, mentally and emotionally.  I literally had one good week followed by one awful week for the next 10 months.  But I continued to believe in Grace and His calling.

And even though I didn’t step out in faith we continued to see the power of the true Gospel of Grace in our lives. And God continued to show me truths in His Word that all lead to His Grace.

I continued to work at my job.  I worked out of a home office on a global account, therefore I do not see anybody face to face. And I work very long hours, average around 70 meeting invites per week and thousands of emails per week.  This is on top of projects and other responsibilities.  The job that was once a blessing was now unbearable.  In June 2011 I finally told God that I couldn’t do this on my own, I was handing it all to Him.  It wasn’t my fight anymore, it was for Jesus and He had already defeated it at the cross.

We have now stepped out in faith and I worked my last day at my job on August 26th. I honestly don’t know exactly what is next for us.  I just know that it is very large and it is the Gospel of Grace impacting the lives of all that have ears to hear.  We are entering a time where the world will clearly see the goodness of God through His people.  Through the covenant of Grace we will start to see things unseen before and start to live in the blessing of Abraham.  I see 360 degrees of blessing in peoples lives.  The truth of Jesus Christ will reach a point that it cannot be denied.  It will reach every realm of society and every walk of life.

We truly cannot wait for what is next in our lives.  And I hope that what we write in this blog impacts all who read for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.