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I was inspired to write this post from reading a post Kevin wrote on “Voices of Glass”. You can read the post HERE.

Here is a story about something that happened to me 32 years ago. This was a long time ago, but I never will forget it.

I was no more than about 60 days sober when I met “This Man”. His name was [he’s dead now] Chuck Chamberlain. He was the father of the famous actor, Richard Chamberlain. Which doesn’t have anything to do with the story.  Anyway…

It’s a very short story.

I got a  Hug from Chuck Chamberlain.

That’s the story.

* * *

On the outside anyway. That’s the whole story.

But there’s an inner part to it, which will take longer to tell…

It was the quality of this hug that I want to talk about. There was something about the way he hugged me; the way I was hugged. It has stayed with me for 32 years. This hug was a; pure, 100%, “I accept you totally, just the way you are”, Love Hug.  A pure Love and Acceptance Hug. Something I had [and have]  never experienced before – nor since. It probably lasted, oh, 15-20 seconds at most. But those 15-20 seconds are intensely etched in my mind.

He wrapped his arms around me and, ever so gently, drew me in close to his body. I could feel the warmth. His love surrounded me. It was not sexual, I would have felt that. I was very wary of anything sexual at that time as a newbie in sobriety [I was only about 60 days sober at that time]. It was just all about love – love and total acceptance.

I was not Christian at that time. In fact I was an atheist. And, as an atheist, I had never experienced this kind of love in any way.

Is God like Chuck Chamberlain? Does He long to hug me like Chuck Chamberlain did? I think so. I bet Jesus hugged his disciples the way Chuck Chamberlain hugged me. Warm, warm, fuzzy, total acceptance, hugs, yet, electric as well. Full of this love that inspires one to “Life”.

I was inspired to write this because of reading about “Acceptance” on Kevin’s blog. Thank you Kevin.

**Peace & All Feloreaw  to our Great & Mighty God**

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Robin Claire