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I also feel this way about abortion and so would like to re-blog this post… to get this word out there.

This is from:  Of Dust and Kings –  40 Years Later: 3 Lessons Roe v Wade…

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There are some who do put actions behind their words, but mostly I see a lot of yammer with not much to back it up. I feel very sad for aborted babies and am very much against abortion, but I’m not vocal about it because I have no children, adopted or otherwise. I would have gladly adopted a child but, because of suffering severe abuse myself, it’s very difficult for me to be around kids, so I didn’t feel I could be any kind of a decent parent to one.

Regarding helping out single moms? I’ve not thought about helping in this way before, but I’m in the process of learning about how I can contribute in this area. Then, when I stand up against abortion, I can say I’m putting up some guts behind where I stand.

One day I would like to go up to a group of protestors outside an abortion clinic and ask that all those who have an =unwanted= adopted child, or are helping care for a single mother, to please raise their hands.


**Peace & All Feloreaw  to our Great & Mighty God**

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