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I started over on February 16th 1982.  On this day my entire world changed. On this day, my old world collapsed. On this day, a new world came into being.

I was Atheist. Do you know that about me? I came from a family of thinkers who worshiped the god of the mind. They thought things – lots and lots and lots of things. And they spoke of all the things they thought about. Mine was a childhood steeped in the philosophy of the “Qualitative Stimuli”, “Parochialism”, and “Phenomena” of all shapes and sizes.

All in all the childhood was horrible… but the talk… it fascinated me. My parents talked to each other about intriguing ideas. Threads of ideas they’d search out inside their minds. They were searchers and hunters. The two of them came together bringing to each other, precious idea-threads they’d hunted down inside their brains. And together they wove them. Their heart’s desire was to diligently work to create a magic carpet they could sit on to fly away from this world. It was fascinating to listen to them…. to watch their weaving.

As I grew up I became a weaver too – like them. I loved to consider what life was really all about. My brain got a lot of exercise. Even today I consider I have a robust brain from all the exercise I’ve given it by vigorous weaving.

On February 15th 1982 I came to the end of the weaving with my parent’s thread. The carpet I’d spent so much time on myself just wasn’t getting off the ground. It was too soaked in alcohol. Instead of helping me fly away, it laid on top of me. Instead of helping me take off to the skies, I was suffocating underneath it.

But on February 16th I was given the gift of a different kind of thread. This was a new kind of thread. Unlike the thread of “Qualitative Stimuli, Parochialism, and Phenomena”. This thread was made of “Jesus”. It was a golden thread, made entirely of  “Love”.

So on February 16th 1982 I started the weaving over. I started over – from the very beginning. I was given a new loom, with new warp of thread, to weave a new magic carpet made of the golden thread of Love. This is the carpet I have been weaving for the last 30 years. Jesus and I are weaving it together. It will never be completely finished while I work on it here on earth, but so far, it is finished enough to have faithfully taken me on many flights – to places I could never, ever have dreamed could contain such magic.

“Weave Me the Sunshine – Peter, Paul, and Mary

Robin Illustration
robin claire