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I was reading a post about Jesus calling Peter to bring some fish over to fry for breakfast

The post is:   Here

As I was reading it, something hit me right between the eyes. Hard!!

I saw a picture. Jesus angling over to Peter with His hands tucked into His waist-belt saying: “Hey, Peter, why don’t you bring some of those fish over here. We can fry ’em for breakfast”. He was talking to his child – Peter – in such a friendly, down-home manner; hunkering down now; stirring the fire – but in a resurrected body! His body was solid, and He appeared to be just as He was before the crucifixion. But they all knew He’d come back to them after having died. They knew He had died, but here He was again. And being so friendly and matter-of-fact with them. So solid.  Just as if nothing had happened. He was loving them – and taking it all in stride.

Jesus could have easily been portrayed by John Wayne!

Now for those who don’t know John Wayne [is there anyone like that?]. He was an actor who had many, many American movies to his credit. He died in 1979. A gentle giant of a man. Indeed a man, but one who wouldn’t have dared hurt a flee. He treated women and girls [and I’m a girl] with only love, kindness, and respect. Love exuded from his countenance.

All my life I’ve been terribly afraid of men. But I’ve never been afraid of John Wayne.

Maybe Jesus could be my John Wayne!!

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I hope I have communicated well enough what I understand about this. If there are parts missing, or parts that don’t make sense, please ask Him about this. I know He will fill in any gaps in understanding – in mine or in yours. What do you think?  I’m open to any input about what has been revealed to you in this.


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