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Have you ever wondered why heaven works directly


to the way the world works?

I have wondered and wondered about these =opposites= for a very long time.
With the help of some of my blogging buddies, these are the ones we came up with.

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World:            “ MAN-UP! ”

God:               “Come to Me as a Child”

World:            “The greatest goals in life are to gain power, and to get fortune.”

God:               “The first will be last, and the last – first. Be a servant, not a master”

World:            “Don’t forgive someone who hurts you; at least not until they repent.”

God:               “Forgive the people who hurt you; no matter how badly you get hurt”

World:            “Be your own boss. Don’t let anybody tell you what to do.”

God:               “Obey Me.”

World:            “Don’t tell anyone your private business. Keep all your weaknesses and mistakes to yourself.”

God:               “Confess your weaknesses, and you will be healed from them”

World:            “Why would anyone want to follow someone who was dumb enough allow himself to be mocked and killed when he was innocent, and who wouldn’t even try to defend himself.”

God:               “Revere Christ. Emulate Him.”

World:            “Good people are lovable. Bad people are unlovable.”

God:               “You are loved no matter who you are. In your depravity, I died for you.”

World:            “Bad things that happen are always bad. And good things are good.”

God:               “ALL things work out to the good for the children of God.”

World:            “I have a good mind. I can handle life’s problems myself.”

God:               “Call on Me and I will tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know about.”

World:              “Whatever you do, don’t be weak.”

God:                “The meek will inherit the earth.”

World:              “Don’t be a pushover”

God:                “If someone asks you for your shirt, give them your coat too.”

World:              “Find your comfort from what’s available [drugs, alcohol, work, fun, etc]

God:                “Come to me, and you will find the peace and comfort you seek.”

World:              “You did a great job at that! Why not take the credit for it?!”

God:                “Give God all the Glory!”

World:              “He who dies with the most toys – wins”

God:                “Do not store up treasures on earth but store up treasures in heaven!”

World:              “If you are slandered, defend yourself!!”

God:                  “If you are slapped on one cheek turn the other cheek to him as well.”

World:              “I need to take care of my own interests. It’s all about me.”

God:                “Walk humbly and value others above yourself.”

World:              “Love is about how you make me feel.”

God:                “Love is about how I make you feel.”

World:              “If someone hates you. Get revenge.”

God:                “Love and Pray for those who hate you.”

                        “Do not overcome evil with evil. Overcome evil with good.”

World:              “It’s natural to be anxious through painful & troubling times.”

God:                “Give thanks to God during painful & troubling times.”

World:              “Take pride in yourself. You are climbing the ladder of success”

God:                “Be humble. Be a servant. Take the last position in line.”

World:              “He owes you. Make him pay up – or else”

God:                 “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother?  …
[Jesus said]  Seventy-seven times.”

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We’ve only scratched the surface of all the =opposites=
God describes in the Kingdom of Heaven.

I don’t understand it, but when I do as God’s directs, something happens … inside….

…something wonderful…..


I don’t understand it. I don’t get it. But when I do things God’s way, something… inside…

…tingles with excitement….


Maybe because I’m growing in spirit (?)

inside (?)

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Without God’s strength, power, love, wisdom, mercy, guidance, doing any of these things is completely impossible!! We have to cling to Him fully in order to do what He commands us to do. Maybe this is why I tingle so much when I find myself able to pull off one of His commands. Because I have to be so very close to Him to be able to do it. And it’s in the process of being so very close to Him, that I get this tingle [?]

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I’d be very much interested in how you perceive these
Does anything happen inside when you try to do, think, say,
or believe, the opposite of the ways of the world?
<<  The way God says to, in the Bible?  >>

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