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:…  Phew!!!….   I survived Christmas!!   I’m still alive! ….. I survived it!


God:     You expected you’d might die… this Christmas?

Robin:  Yeah. I’m 6 years old and daddy really gets mad this time of year.

God:     But it’s 2012.

Robin:  It’s not 1960?

God:     No

Robin:  I’m not 6 years old?

God:     No – your 58 years old Robin.

Robin:  I’m 58!?

God:     Yes

Robin:  Where’s daddy? Where’s mommy?

God:     Both your parents are dead. You don’t live with them anymore.

Robin:  They dead?

God:     Yes. They’re dead.

Robin:  No furniture got broken this year?

No fighting?

No Christmas beating for me?

God:     No….  You don’t live with them anymore….  because they’re dead.

Robin:  You say they’re dead? Really, really. really… DEAD! ?

God:     They’re both long, long since dead Robin. Dead and buried in the ground.

Robin:  Dead and buried?

God:     It’s been many years now since they both died.

You live in your own home now. You don’t live with them anymore.

You don’t need to worry Robin… around Christmas.

You’re not going to get hurt anymore… for Christmas.

It’s ok now.

You’re safe.

You can come out of the closet… for Christmas… now.

It’s all right.

Robin:  It’s safe? …. to come out?

God:   Yes… it’s safe.

Why don’t you do something fun for Christmas next year?

You can do something new.

You can do whatever you’d like to do………………   Sky’s the limit!

Do the season in a new way.

You don’t have to follow what anybody else is doing … any more.

Your mother and father are not here anymore.

What do you think would make you happy Robin?

Robin:  Well.  I could maybe call my sister?…. or I could call my brother Chris and his family?

But I’m afraid to.

God:     What are you afraid will happen?

Robin:  I’m afraid they won’t like me… especially Chris… the conversation will be hard. He didn’t like me when we used to try to talk to each other.

God:     But he likes you now Robin… the whole family likes you.

You’re a wonderful person…. you know?

You can have a good talk with him.

(she calls her brother and his family)

Robin:  Heah! We had a great time talking on the phone!! We talked for an hour and a half!!  We had a really, really good talk.

I feel really good!

God:     See. I told you he likes you now.

Robin:  WOW!! He does doesn’t he?

And it made me feel…. good…. talking to him…. and talking to his kids.

God:     Sure. What else would you like to do for the Christmas holiday?

Robin:  Well… I could maybe watch some Christmas movies?

And I could listen to some Christmas music…. and maybe look at some Christmas lights?

I could maybe volunteer at a food kitchen?

God:     That’s wonderful! You can do that!

Robin:  But I don’t want to buy stuff. I don’t have that kind of money to be spending.

God:     You don’t have to do that… if you don’t want to. You can do whatever you’d like to do.

Robin:  I can?

God:     Yes, you can. So remember… next year… sky’s the limit.

Enjoy yourself.

Robin:  Actually like Christmas?… I really, really, could do that?!

God:     It’s a NEW REALITY now Robin. They’re gone… and you are here.

You are FREE!!!

Finally…. you can go out and have…. fun for Christmas!

RobinWOW!!!….  I can have… FUN…. at Christmas time?!!!

………………..  WOW!!!  ………………………


Robin Illustration
robin claire