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FIRST:  Before I begin this blog, I have to say that the “Boogie-Man Blog” is out to get me again. It’s much harder to write something when you know other people are agoin’ to read it. It’s much harder to write publicly, then I thought it would be.

SECOND:  I chose not to have children so, as you continue to read, please bear this is mind.

THIRD:  I’m writing this for all the sober/clean/abstinent people – who don’t know what the heck is going on. I want to offer my services to these people, for whom I have such a heart.


Black Friday, here we are. The Christmas buying frenzy has sprung.

When I was 6 years sober I made a conscious decision. I would no longer participate in the holiday cheer… the buying insanity.

“But what will the neighbors think?!”

My definition of “the neighbors”.

Anyone near enough to beat the crap out of you, if they find out you don’t celebrate the Holiday – like you should.

Well, one year, I fought back and, you know what? I can tell you from experience… Nothing Bad Happened and I Didn’t Die!!

Did you know that there are more suicides around the Christmas season than any other time of year? At the time I decided I would no longer participate, I was almost one of those statistics. Normally I don’t swear but…  Screw what the neighbors might think!  I chose to live – and it was none of their business.

I’m feeling much better now that I don’t participate. I watch the drivers on the road turning into maniacs – and I smile. I don’t have to drive that way anymore. I DON”T PARTICIPATE!!

“But Jesus was boooorrrrrnnnn…..!!!”

No He wasn’t.

Estimates of the time of His birth have been made for either the fall or the spring. A time when plantings weren’t needing to be taken care of and when the weather was hospitable enough for travel so people could go to their home towns to be counted for the census. If the date of his birth were able to be more skillfully predicted, I’d be glad to celebrate that. I love our Jesus. I love our Christ.

So how did I take the leap away from this holiday where so many are ripping each others’ throats out trying to grab that future pre$ent [for a loved one]  from anothers’ grubby mitts? It was simple. Continue on in the insanity – or drink again. As I said… I was 6 years sober when I made this decision.

The neighbors; the family; will buy you pre$ents saying; “That’s ok, you don’t have to buy me anything. I still love you.”  Don’t buy anything back for them. RESIST! They may even do this again the next year. And again I say… RESIST! By the third year they’ll get it – and they’ll finally leave you alone.

The thing is about sobriety. You either have to get honest… or you’ll drink/use again.

I’m saying this, from the standpoint of being 33 years sober. This is what I have seen in myself, and watched in the lives of other addicts. You either get honest… or you die.

If it’s going to kill you, take care of yourself! Don’t participate!!! Try it. It’s pretty neat!

“But it’s zee Holidays. You veell now be Heppy now!”

I’ll tell you somethin’ that I’ve learned in my sober walk. Don’t, ever, ever, ever, ever tell an alcoholic – what to do. Don’t get me wrong. I love to be heppy. I’m heppy a lot of the time. But don’t tell me I must be heppy. I’ll get sad – just to spite you. Like I said before… you have to get HONEST.

I remember Christmas’s past as a kid. I lived with a Christmas-participating practicing alcoholic. Every year we’d get our annual Christmas beating.  “This year it’ll be different.” I’d say to myself. “This year everything will be good.”  But dad found something to get mad at. It didn’t have to be anything really. A Christmas light string wouldn’t light. It could be anything… and he’d go off. And when he went off, off he’d go, to find a kid… to beat up… and usually… it was me.

So I don’t participate in the Holiday buying frenzy anymore. I don’t go out and spend money I don’t have, to buy people pre$ents they don’t want. I stay sober. And that makes the heart of my Savior sing. And, by not participating I found out something real about myself. I LOVE Christmas music. And I’ve come to find out that, on my own – of my own volition – I really do see that I love people – in spite of the holidays.


robin claire