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Hi all my fellow Christian blogging friends. I have a question for you guys.
If you read my “Who Am I?” page, you know that I was an Atheist who accidentally fell into Christianity. So, because of being formerly connected, I like to follow certain Atheists’ blogs. Anyway, I follow an Atheist’s blog who is a very good writer, who is able to express very complicated ideas in a clear, concise way. Though this blogger has a different viewpoint on faith than I do now, this person fascinates me.

So here’s the question posed by this blogger that I’d love to get some ideas as to how to answer.

“If God is to get the credit for all the good things that happen in this world, why is the credit  for all the bad things that happen, given to man?”

In addition to this question, I also want to pose another one that I expect I will get as a possible response.

“If God created Satan, who is evil, then doesn’t God contain evil as well? How can God create something from something He does not have? Also, God is in everything, correct? Then part of this “everything” must be Anti-God, or evil if you will.  Anything created by God has to be from His storehouse of things He can create from, do you agree, or not with this? Why?