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I believe very differently in regard to witnessing to others about Christ. Most people I know who witness just talk about how Jesus can help a person in their times of need. They may say something like; “You really need to ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins and ask Him to come into your heart.” or “I have Jesus in my heart and it sure feels good”, etc. This is all well and fine, but I don’t think that that’s a very fruitful way to speak to people about Christ.

I know that, before I became a Christian myself, I would never have given a single moment of my precious time to someone who approached me in such a high- handed way. I would have just grumbled at them and kept on walking.


I would have sat up and took notice if the person witnessing to me began by telling me something of their own life’s troubles and how they were able to overcome them through the love, strength, and wisdom provided by God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in their lives. Or, even better, if they would be willing to talk about a trouble they were presently going through, [including any pain they were dealing with] that hadn’t come to a close yet, and how they were being given the strength and guidance through Christ to handle the stress from the difficulty, this would have certainly gotten my attention.

By witnessing to someone in this way, the witnessor will find themselves “eye-to-eye”, and on the same level with the receiver of their witness. They will not appear to be lofty and perfect, leaving the witnessed to feel inferior and so all the more unapproachable. Both the witnessor and the one being witnessed to will be on the same playing field. And I believe this is the way true converts – and resulting friendships can be won.

robin claire