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Pastor Tony was speaking about God telling Moses;

“Take off your sandals, you’re standing on Holy Ground.”

He said he wasn’t sure what that was all about.

Here’s what stirred me inside about this.

To take off one’s shoes means one now has Naked Feet! and there is something kind of humiliating about having your feet be naked, isn’t that true? If you went to someone’s house and they wanted you to take off your shoes – and you had no socks on – hmmmmm.

Now imagine you are going to be meeting the President of the United States and you must meet him with your naked feet showing. Wouldn’t that be kind of humiliating too? For some reason feet are a very personal issue for most people. I think it’s because they are sort of like one’s private parts. Why, I don’t know for sure, but I think this is true for most.

Now imagine that the President meets with you – and your naked feet – and says something like; “I love you dearly just as you are and will be with you always – just as you are [insert your name here]” I think that the transformation would be from one of humiliation to, hopefully, one of humility. True unconditional love can work this transformation inside a person; from one of humiliation to one of humility. But either way, one can not be other than humble nor “full of himself” if he had to meet someone of high stature – with naked feet.


robin claire