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Jesus:     Hi Robin!!

Robin:      Hi Jesus

Jesus:      So what can I do you for?

Robin:       I need……  I need……..I need…to not be so afraid of you Jesus.

Jesus:       Well, I’ve very, very, very glad to hear that Robin. I certainly don’t want you to be afraid of me either.

Robin:       But I don’t know how not to be afraid of you Jesus. I’m just afraid of you. I know I shouldn’t be – but I am.

Jesus:       Shouldn’t be?  Well, maybe you should be. How ‘bout that?

Robin:       I should be afraid of you?

Jesus:       Well, yeah.  I know why too. It’s because I was a man when I was with you on your world. And you’ve had a whole lot of bad experiences with men haven’t you?

Robin:       Don’t I know it! But I know it’s not good for me to keep you at a distance… to fear you so much I won’t let you in my life; won’t talk to you; really – won’t have anything to do with you Jesus.

Jesus:       But that’s OK for now Robin. We will work it all out so you won’t feel that way about me anymore.

Robin:       But how can I do that?

Jesus:       You just leave that to me sweetie. I know a way that will get you to feeling safer with me than you ever have been in the past. Today is “today” and we can work on this problem you have, in the present. We’ll take it slow though. I know you won’t be able to feel safe with me over-night.

Robin:       OK. What do I do?

Jesus:       First of all. I tried to talk to you through those guys that wrote my book.; do you think you can spend a little time reading what I talked about in the book? That would be a great start for you Robin. After you read some of it, come and talk to me about your thoughts on what you read.

Robin:       OK. I can do that. But reading is hard for me you know. I have such a hard time concentrating on what I’m reading – and I hardly retain anything I read You know

Jesus:       I know sweetie. I know about the difficult time you have reading. But read your “Message”/”NIV” parallel bible if you can. And you don’t have to spend a lot of time reading either. Just 5 or 10 minutes – or even just a couple of minutes if that’s all you can do. Remember, this trust problem you’re having isn’t going to go away over-night. It’s going to take a little time for you to learn to trust me dear

Robin:       OK. I think I can do that.. if it’s only a couple of minutes, I think I can manage that.

Jesus:       And it would be so great if you would come to me too – directly – just this way that we’re talking right now sweet heart. Can you come talk to me on a little bit of a regular basis? I don’t want to push you. I know how hard this is for you, so come talk to me as often as you can do that. I know it’s easier to talk to your Papa through the Holy Spirit than it is to me but, little by little, I want to prove to you that, even though  I was a man when I was with you, I can be trusted Robin.

Robin:       OK Jesus.

Jesus:       That very good then honey. I’ll look forward to having another chat with you very soon. I can’t wait to talk to you again. There’s so much we can talk about.

Robin:       I guess so….. But what do I call you?

Jesus:       What would you like to call me? You can call me whatever you’d like to call me… as long as you don’t call me late for dinner.

Robin:       Ha, Ha, Ha, That’s funny.

Jesus:       Yeah. I’m glad I could make you laugh sweetie. It’s so good to hear you laugh. You have no idea how good that makes me feel… to hear you laugh.

Robin:       Yeah; your funny.

Jesus:       Good. I’m glad I’m funny to you. I want to be funny to you dear.

Robin:       OK . Well I guess I’ll get going now.

Jesus:       OK. I’ll talk to you soon then – right?

Robin:       OK. I’ll come back and talk to you soon.

Jesus:       Bye, bye sweetheart

Robin:       Bye Jesus.

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